Why Switch to ShipManager™?

The argument is simple. You save. We’ve found that for every $1.00 professional services firms spend on courier services, they spend $2.00 to $3.00 in managing these services internally. With ShipManager, these often hidden costs are eliminated. You spend less while spending that dollar with us than you would with any other courier service. Here’s how.

Make Your Staff More Productive

When you use ShipManager, we match the right courier from our network to each package based on its destination, dimensions, and urgency. Because we manage that complexity on your behalf, you save.

You save in productivity by streamlining the ordering and administration of shipments. Admin assistants using ShipManager are typically 5% more productive each day when they no longer have to look up addresses, fill out waybills, call the mailroom to track packages, or otherwise administer the shipping process. In large professional services firms, these savings add up.

You save in mailroom overhead. Space and resources dedicated to the management of outbound packages can be reallocated or eliminated.

  Traditional Delivery   ShipManager
  Traditional Diagram   Shipmanager Diagram

Know Your Costs

Because all your shipments are managed through ShipManager, you have real-time access to accurate billing information. Daily file transfers let you reconcile courier expenses to your accounting system and you receive one consolidated invoice – for all deliveries and all users across multiple locations.

And the costs of misallocated expenses are eliminated. That accurate electronic billing information is received daily, with all the detail you need to ensure it is posted correctly the first time to your accounting system.

Plus, for professional services firms, you can recoup expenses you couldn’t before. Most are able to bill out only 65% of courier expenses, or less. But once they switch to ShipManager, firms can bill back clients for all disbursements within the regular billing cycle and recoup 100%.

Concentrate Your Purchasing Power

You know that managing multiple vendors is time-intensive and inefficient. With all your messenger services consolidated on one regular bill, your time to manage is reduced considerably.

You save in accounting productivity – in some cases 1/3 of a person-day each day over tedious manual entry and reconciliation processes.