Cloud takes Apex DBA support services to new heights!

The attraction of APEX has developed tremendously with the recent launch of the Oracle Cloud. APEX already recommended departmental development and deployment of business applications with minimal involvement from the IT department.

Positioned as the perfect replacement for MS Access, APEX probably has managed better to apprehend the eye of developers and was used for business application development at least as much as for the variety of tactical applications that Oracle strategically placed it for. With APEX as PaaS & DevaaS from the Oracle Cloud, a bounce is made to a much higher level of business value. Now the IT department is not even required to make infrastructure possible with a database running on it.

All the business requirements is a credit card. And the business application that is developed, maintained and used from the cloud through a standard browser can immediately just as easily be obtained by users from throughout the world as by users from the business department itself. As a reward – the development of the APEX application is also arranged in the cloud – with no specific demands on the location or the operation access rights of the developers.

To aggregate it up APEX from Oracle Cloud Database Service: Get the development environment up and operating in minutes with no involvement from the internal IT department required (no for infrastructure, not for the platform and not for development). Superior availability and scalability is allowed by Oracle users from anywhere in the world can be requested to access the application developers from anywhere in the world can participate in creating and maintaining the application

Also because the Oracle Cloud platform is the equivalent as the on-premise platform, you can still choose to move the APEX application within the cloud and the economic environment – and back again.

The REST-ful services that are accessible through APEX allow programmatic communication with the database under the APEX application. That indicates that this database can be synchronized with on-premise databases or data stores in (other) clouds. So you can choose  Apex DBA support services as per your choice.