The Five Main Characteristic of Cloud Computing

The Five Main Characteristic of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is unlike conventional hosting options that use a single dedicated server, as cloud computing employs virtualization technology to pool or share resources from an underlying network of physical servers. In other words, a collection of physical servers acts like one big server to produce you the resources that you need on demand. Cloud computing releases shared computing resources, data or software through the Internet; which is the most popular way of accessing the cloud.

In cloud computing, five fundamental characteristics differentiate it from traditional hosting alternatives, including accelerated elasticity, broad network access, on-demand self-service, resource pooling, and regulated service.

On-Demand Self-Service

With cloud computing’s on-demand self-service, you can access email, applications, network or server services without human interaction. Setup an account with the seller, create billing and security credentials, and choose the cloud computing resources that you will need. This is all done by utilizing a user-friendly and easily convenient web-based self-service portal.

Broad Network Access

Cloud computing services are accessible over a network, either over a dedicated network, the Internet or the Intranet. These services can be obtained by anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device or workstation, with the appropriate credentials of course.

Resource Pooling

Cloud computing presents multiple customers the same physical resources, however, with a separate environment for every client. And the sources from these physical servers can be combined from various servers, in various data centers, in various locations.

Rapid Elasticity

Perhaps one of the inherent benefits of cloud computing is the versatility that it presents to users, as Cloud resources can be swiftly and elastically satisfied to scale out and in to meet demand immediately. In other words, you get the devices that you need when you require them.

Measured Service

Cloud computing leverages metering capabilities to estimate your usage of resources, empowering you to only pay for what you are using. In other words, just like a business bill you will only be imposed for what you use, nothing more nothing less.