The latest model of oracle's database

The latest model of oracle’s database

We are here talking about Oracle’s solution for corporations that need to roll out a different database and application infrastructure immediately, Oracle’s Database Appliance (ODA). It utilizes some technologies that give it a highly intelligent solution for wide networks.

We’re dedicated to the ODA as a solution while it is a good fit, and are now endeavoring the recently released ODA X5-2.Oracle Application Express is an accelerated software development environment that addressed it possible to utilize HTML tags & CSS in succession with data from the Oracle DB. So, if you are attaining yourself stuck somewhere midway in the development process of application contact us anytime.

The latest model has the following chief features:

  •    Fully integrated and comprehensive database and application device
  •    Oracle Database Enterprise Version
  •    Oracle Real Application Groups or Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node
  •    Oracle Automatic Area Management
  •    Oracle ASM Cluster Data System
  •    Oracle Linux and Oracle VM
  •    Two database servers
  •    Up to two area shelves
  •    InfiniBand interconnect
  •   Solid-state rides for database redo logs and commonly accessed data

Essentially, it’s a rack-mountable system comprising two Oracle Linux servers and one area shelf.

The biggest difference from the former model is that this one has more representation and more horsepower. Several servers contain two 18-core Intel Xeon E5-2699 v3 processors, 256 GB of memory, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet visible networking connectivity. The two servers are combined using a redundant InfiniBand interconnect for group communication.

There are 64 TB of raw storage that’s double or threefold mirrored, resulting in 32 TB or 21.3 TB of available database storage. There are further four 400 GB solid-state drives for constantly accessed data, and four 200 GB SSDs for database redo records to heighten performance.

Apex has diverse built-in authentication and support schemes that can be used to develop a secure application. Developers can also perform custom authentication and authorization schemes. Support can easily be based on “Roles” created in the database. If you need a surprisingly affordable oracle apex installation service provider, contact us if you wish to check oracle apex is a good fit for your needs.