What is Google's Strategy to Capture the Cloud Market?

What is Google’s Strategy to Capture the Cloud Market?

What exactly cloud computing is?

Everything can be obtained via the Internet including the database. All the user requires is a high-speed Internet connection and a computing device like a laptop or a smartphone. It is a supplementary revolution in computing where the software application is virtualized and saved in a “cloud” like Google Apps and Amazon EC2. No downloading, no installing, and no updating required; in other words, no fuss, no muss.

What are its advantages?

Portability – As the application and database can be retrieved on the Internet, the user can do his or her computing everywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.

Affordability – Some applications similar to Google Docs are free. You simply have to sign up for a Google account which is also free. This is a great alternative to Microsoft Office which could cost you $199 per download or $279 for the box version. There are several companies that are providing  Amazon EC2 Services and charge a minimal amount for a subscription to their services.

Are there risks in this type of computing?

The main goal of computing is the protection of the information you collect on the cloud. After all,  you are dealing nasty hackers and netizens with dubious motives abound. The consistency of service is also an issue, mainly for users with unstable Internet connections. Google Docs has been perceived to freeze from time to time.

Who uses this type of computing?

  • Google Docs alone is a free software competing with the likes of Microsoft’s very expensive MSOffice; one can see the immediate benefits of web-based computing. Almost everybody uses this.
  • Small businesses with uncomplicated computing only have to pay little or nothing to store their data on clouds.
  • Channel partner gateways are taking benefit of this web-based computing notion as people start to apprehend its significance to their sales and marketing strategies.
  • Cloud computing is just one of many innovations brought on by the Internet. But it’s certainly one of the most useful and significant tools meant for everyone. Or at least, everyone with a computer and Internet access.