Custom Application Development Using Oracle Apex

Custom Application Development Using Oracle Apex

Oracle Apex is a fully supported “no-cost” option of the Oracle Database for developing Web applications. Utilizing only a web browser, you can develop and deploy expert Web-based applications for desktops and mobile devices utilizing your skills in SQL and PL/SQL. It is a thoroughly supported, no expense option of the Oracle Database, and is installed by an error in all editions of the Oracle Database.

Features Of Apex

Forms – Oracle Apex Development can be used to build robust data entry forms that feature client-side (Javascript) and server-side (PL/SQL) validation. Forms are generated utilizing a wizard which also generates the corresponding SQL for the proposed DML operation (query/insert/update/delete)

Reports – The tool features dynamic reports that enable end users to customize standard reports. Interactive reports enable the end user to select desired columns, filter, sort, group, highlight, aggregate, compute and several other operations without involving the IT department

Charting – The tool can produce stunning charts, dials, graphs, Gantt charts using “Flash” technology

Access Migration Tool – Apex has a built-in tool for migrating Microsoft Access applications to Apex. On normal the tool can automatically migrate about 80 percent of an Access application

Calendars – The tool has built-in calendars for reporting purposes with month/week/day views. There are also date picker calendars that are fully customizable

Logic Processing – Apex contains many built-in computations, validations, and processing that accelerate the development process. Developers can also create their custom computations, validations, and processing

Session State Management – Apex automatically manages session state without maintaining a persistent database session for the duration of the user session

Web sheets – Web sheets allow the end users to publish content and to manage who has access to the content. Using web sheets, end users can create their ad hoc reports and publish them for others to view

Authentication & Authorization – Apex has several built-in authentication and authorization schemes that can be used to build a secure application. Developers can also create custom authentication and authorization schemes. Authorizations can easily be based on “Roles” created in the database or an LDAP server