Improving PL/SQL Performance in Oracle APEX

It’s very easy to write PL/SQL in Oracle Application Express but it will degrade the performance of the Application because of compilation of PL/SQL at runtime.
Keep the volume of code inside the Oracle Application Express application to a minimum.
The simplest tuning technique to improve performance is to encapsulate PL/SQL within packages.
This applies to any PL/SQL processes on page, plugins, dynamic actions, validations, computations and dynamic PL/SQL.

This change improves the execution time of PL/SQL as it’s processed at compile time instead of being parsed and compiled at runtime.

Plug-ins can be wonderful black boxes and consumers may not care how it works or looks under the hood.
You can always improves the performance of a plugin by shifting the supplied code into a PL/SQL package.


Move the code from source of the plugin as a procedure in a package, perhaps plugin_util.
Then change the “Render function name” to  plugin_util.screen_saver_vik.

Benefits of moving PL/SQL within packages:

  1. Faster execution of Apex pages.
  2. Less PL/SQL compilation at runtime
  3. Code is more maintainable and reusable
  4. Apex application export files are smaller – faster to deploy


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